Thank you for your interest! This event is both a book-signing and interactive workshop. 

(#1) Book Signing, 6pm - 7pm

Tamika's latest book "Alive" is a collection of encouragements, reflections, and God-center wisdom. Over the past ten years Tamika has offered her experiences with life, love, and how to manage challenges with grace, on social media. Now in print format, each page offers inspiration to everyone who desires hope, reassurance and transparency in the daily pursuit of peace through Christ. "Alive" honors the daily decision to "speak life" over every situation, and celebrates each and every person who is alive today with a story to tell! Tamika will share excerpts from her book during this time. Signed copies will be available for purchase for $25. You may also purchase your copy online beforehand for a reduced price. Discount code: HOMETOWNYou may also have your copy delivered to you if you order from Amazon or Barnes and Noble!

(#2) Interactive Workshop, 7pm - 8:45pm 

"Rewriting Your Story" is an interactive, faith-based workshop focused on exploring how your past experiences and thought processess influence your current mindset. Through storytelling, applied resources, biblical references, and facilitated dialogue, Tamika will challenge you to identify how your "old story" impacts your current emotions, behaviors, decisions and relationships. Most importantly, you will learn practical strategies to implement Christian principles (e.g., self-worth, forgiveness) to enhance the spiritual process of renewing your mind and "rewriting" your narrative to reflect God's love for YOU! 

There will be food available to purchase! Please check out BeanRunner Café's menu HERE!  Also, this event will begin on time, so please plan your arrival accordingly! For more information, contact Tamika at

                                                               --- BACKGROUND INFORMATION ---

This workshop is a part of the Salt & Lyte Initiative launched by Tamika LeRay. In 2015, twenty-five men and women who live in Boston expressed* their desire to engage Christianity in a unique, dynamic way.  At this time, Tamika is committed to reaching adults who want to engage Christ beyond the church walls through "real-talk", creative arts, and workshops. This event is one of several ways in which Tamika shares the love of Christ in the community. Stay connected on upcoming poetry gigs, events and speaking engagements by signing up for the mailing list at To hear more, check our this interview Tamika completed in April 2017. 

 *via a survey administered at the 2015 Ebony Gala.

                                                                    --- MORE INFORMATION ---

Tamika (Reynold) LeRay is a Peekskill, NY native, and and she is  honored to bring some of the work she's been doing in Boston back home! For several months, she's I've been hosting free practical faith workshops at a local cafe in Boston. Her workshops aim to bring young (and more mature) adults into an introspective and dynamic conversation about faith beyond the church walls. She engages deep dialogue and provides practical dialogue and conversation around the topic of "Rewriting Your Story" which is taking an evaluative look into one's life and identifying patterns that may keep them "stuck". Of the the many opportunities she's had to currate and facilitate this workshop , she is most excited to host this session and book signing in my hometown. To learn more about what Tamika's been up to visit