Salt&Lyte is pleased to present it's first RealTalk series called, "Soap Box". This five-week series will create a space for individuals to share and have open dialogue about their experiences with Christianity.

The purpose of this series is to provide individuals with the opportunity to openly discuss their experiences and perspectives on Christian concepts such as church culture, relationship over religion"church hurt"the idea of Christianity having a restriction of freedomfriendship and intimacy (beyond sex), and so much more! 

These sessions will be facilitated by Tamika LeRay. Her role will be to moderate interactions, provide  and biblical redirection and doctrinally sound resources, as well as help to differentiate our humanity from the "nature" of God and who we are called to be in Him. Lastly, she will highlight prayer points (and pray) throughout the conversation! All are invited to join the conversation!

Note: Each group will be limited to eight in order to maintain the integrity of this type of dialogue as well as to foster deeper connections. Discussion topics are open-ended and unique each session -- So, you are welcomed to join once or as often as you like. Each time will offer a new experience! 

It will be an interactive and dynamic time, so don't miss it!! Learn more about SugarBowl Cafe (menu and travel arrangements) HERE!  To learn more about Salt&Lyte and/or Tamika, please visit You can also stay connected on all social media outlets (@saltlyte)

Looking forward to "talking that talk, and (prayerfully) "walking that walk" with each of you. Please make sure to reserve your seat . . . Space is limited. Last thing . . . bring a friend :)!