Happy New Year, Ladies!

Let's start 2017 strong, and go deeper in our understand of how deep God's love is for us!

In partnership with Pinky Promise (MA), Tamika LeRay presents "Rewriting Your Story". This is an interactive, faith-based workshop that will deepen your understanding of how spiritual principles (e.g., fear, pride, rejection) influence your current mindset. Through applied resources, biblical references and facilitated dialogue, you will identify how your past experiences and perspectives ("old story") are impacting your daily emotions, behaviors, decisions and relationships. You will, most importantly, learn practical strategies to  engage the  spiritual process of renewing your mind and "rewriting" your perspective to reflect God's love for YOU!

Please invite a friend and bring a snack to share (we'll meet in the Stop and Shop, so you can grab something on your way in)! Also, this event will begin at the stated start time so please plan your day accordingly!

You don't want to miss this! If you have questions, please contact Tamika at tamika.leray@gmail.com