Salt + Lyte Initiative
engaging Believers beyond the church walls.

Our Story

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Tamika’s testimony is filled with countless evidence of God’s grace. As a youth, she experienced fatherlessness, as well as foster care due to maternal addiction. These experiences created many challenges for her, so as a young adult she drank alcohol + engaged in promiscuity to cope. 

In 2014, after the sudden death of her mother and hitting an emotional rock-bottom, she sought counsel to no-avail.  One Sunday, she was encouraged to attend church with a friend where she re-dedicated her life to Christ. However,  at that point, life got harder.  She began to live in conflict between her beliefs and her lifestyle. There were so many questions + not enough answers. Beyond Sunday service and ministry engagements, she wondered many questions such as those shared on the left. 

Today, Tamika is committed to engaging other urban millenials and young adults in these self-exploratory questions . Through 'real-talk' coaching, seminars + resources that promote introspection, she is committed to loving others . . . practically. 

In her free time, Tamika enjoys playing the guitar, volunteering in the community, and writing poetry. She is also the author of several self-published books and has more than ten years of experience as an urban educator.