Salt and Lyte Inc.
Jesus for the Unchurched Believer

Salt + Lyte Inc.


Salt + Lyte Inc.

Salt and Lyte Inc. is a non-profit, parachurch organization that motivates urban Believers to be passionate, productive and prosperous ‘partners in Christ’ beyond the church walls. Our mission is to transcend church culture by providing men and women with authentic, opportunities to build relationships and learn practical strategies to living an authentic life as a Beleiver.  To learn more, visit out “About Us” page!

  All are welcome to join. Simply come with an open heart!


We gather in coffee shops, restaurants and local events to break bread, share dialogue and make new friends. We also host seminars focused on practical faith and relational dynamics within the Christian faith. 


We serve in community centers, shelters and by partnering with other organizations and ministries. We also encourage individuals to serve wholeheartedly in their family and career roles.


We pray and engage in bible studies. Our hope is for all to feel freedom in sharing their testimony, wisdom and inspirations to others in order to communicate the heart of God for the local and global body of Christ.